Stafford Christadelphians

The Christadelphian ecclesia (church) in Stafford, England

Future Bible Hour Titles

These are the titles of Bible Hour topics planned for the near future, God willing:

7 January 2018God's solution to the environmental crisis
14 January 2018The Resurrection of Jesus
21 January 2018Many religions - does it matter which one we choose?
28 January 2018The Bible and storms
4 February 2018Britain in Bible Prophecy
11 February 2018I'm a good person; why do I need God?
18 February 2018Adult baptism essential for salvation
25 February 2018Spirituality through metaphor - Splitting Oreo biscuits and eating the icing is not a sin
4 March 2018Jerusalem — Future capital of the World!
11 March 2018What the Bible says about demons & evil spirits
18 March 2018What it means to be a Christian
25 March 2018Why does God allow suffering?
1 April 2018Inquest at Golgotha (drama)
8 April 2018What is your life?
15 April 2018Imagine a world without famine, disease or crime
22 April 2018Creation or Evolution? Why does it matter?
29 April 2018Reasons to Trust the Bible