Stafford Christadelphians

The Christadelphian ecclesia in Stafford, England

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Christadelphians (like the first-century churches) do not have a central governing organisation. Individual ecclesias, while constantly communicating and co-operating, remain autonomous. There is therefore no central Christadelphian web site; there are many individual sites.
Here we link only to a few; from these you will be able to find many others.

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Steps to Bible Understanding

    Two members of Stafford Christadelphians, Philip and Judith White, have created a series of books and DVDs to help with understanding the Bible, especially the book of Revelation. See the web site for more information.

Understand your Bible

The Evidence, You Decide

    Can I believe what the Bible says about life and my future?
    Can I trust the Bible?
    See the Evidence and decide for yourself.
    A remarkable track record of accurate, clear and precise predictions about nations and cities. Archaeological discoveries confirm the accuracy of the Bible record. A consistent message written by people from vastly different cultures and times. A law thousands of years ahead of its time...

Life's Big Questions

    As its name suggests this site addresses some of the big questions most of us have about various aspects of life. If you are sceptical about the Bible or religion it will help you towards finding answers to some of your questions.

The Christadelphian Office

UK Christadelphians Directory

This is your Bible

    A great site with lots of free Bible literature, information about Christadelphians Worldwide and other exciting and fun stuff.

Bible Quizzes