Stafford Christadelphians

The Christadelphian ecclesia (church) in Stafford, England

Lockdown Programme

These arrangements are all 'if the Lord will'.

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04 October-2020Roger TurnerMatthew Taunton (Walsall)
07 October-2020Andrew NicholsRoger Turner The Book of Life
11 October-2020Andrew WhiteRichard Bezant (Ashby)
14 October-2020Andrew WhiteMark Watts (Kinver)Names of God – ‘Lord of Hosts’
18 October-2020Dan WoodcockJoshua Pearson (Handsworth)
21 October-2020Adrian VysePeter Brown (Cannock)The Calling of Matthew
25 October-2020John TaylorMalcom Shilvock (Halesowen)
28 October-2020John TaylorJohn Worth (Cannock)Hosea Chapters 1 - 3
01 November-2020Adrian VyseTim Smalley (Halesowen)
04 November-2020Phil PearsonEvan Smith (Malvern)Signs of the Master's Coming
08 November-2020Philip WhiteStephen Lockyer (Nuneaton)
11 November-2020Joint class at Cannock
15 November-2020Phil PearsonJesse / Jon Wood (Wythall)
18 November-2020Philip WhiteNicholas White (Pershore)Nations Prepared for Armageddon
22 November-2020Roger TurnerIan de Grey (Sutton Coldfield)
25 November-2020Andrew WhiteKevin Talbot (Cannnock)Theistic Evolution - Major Threat to Faith
29 November-2020Andrew WhiteDerek Wroughton (Shirley)
02 December-2020Adrian VyseDan WoodcockJesus & Judaism - Genealogies
06 December-2020Dan WoodcockJames Pearson (Walsall)
09 December-2020John TaylorAndrew WhiteWas the Serpent a Snake?
13 December-2020John TaylorDaniel Blackburn (Woodgate)
16 December-2020Terry BlackburnJoshua Blackburn (Sale)Psalm 51
20 December-2020Adrian VyseAndrew Hale (Newcastle)
23 December-2020NO CLASS
27 December-2020Philip WhiteAdrian Vyse
30 December-2020NO CLASS
03 January-2021Phil PearsonAndrew White (Stafford)
06 January-2021Phil PearsonPraise in Hymns and Readings
10 January-2021Roger TurnerStephen Adams (Chester)
13 January-2021Robin TaylorWill Taylor (Cannock)Own Subject
17 January-2021Andrew WhiteNeville Riley EXHT (Kenilworth)
20 January-2021Josh PearsonRobin TaylorUse of the ‘unpronounceable’ Name of God
24 January-2021Dan WoodcockJon Day (Coventry West)
27 January-2021Terry BlackburnJames Blackburn (Sale)Moses - Leader of Men
31 January-2021John TaylorBen Collard (Longbridge)
03 February-2021Dan WoodcockGordon Stevens (Lichfield)The Golden Three-Fold Cord
07 February-2021Adrian VyseJohn Cave (Hall Green)
10 February-2021Roger TurnerJosh Pearson (Handsworth)What it means to be "saved"
14 February-2021Philip WhiteRoger Wood (Castle Bromwich)
17 February-2021Jon WhiteJason Turner (Barton )Own Subject
21 February-2021Phil PearsonReuben Bilton (Cannock)
24 February-2021Andrew WhitePeter Forbes (Glenfield)Four Books and Forty years
28 February-2021Roger TurnerTerry Blackburn (Sale)
03 March-2021tbaPaul Dredge (Crewe)Own Subject
07 March-2021Andrew WhitePeter Stevens (Barton U Needwood)
10 March-2021Adrian VyseTerry Blackburn (Sale)Own Subject
14 March-2021Dan WoodcockRobin Britton (Leamington)
17 March-2021Roger TurnerDaily Readings and Hymn Practice
21 March-2021John TaylorTom Evans (Hall Green)
24 March-2021Phil AllenGraham Parker (Dudley QC)Own Subject ..1
28 March-2021Adrian VyseStephen Hale (Earlswood)
31 March-2021Phil PearsonGraham Parker (Dudley QC)Own Subject.. 2
04 April-2021Phil PearsonPhilip White (Stafford)
07 April-2021Philip WhiteAndrew WhiteOwn Subject
11 April-2021Philip WhiteRobin Taylor (Stafford)
14 April-2021Rod HaleAndrew Hale (Newcastle)Cornelius the Gentile
18 April-2021Roger TurnerPhilip Brown (Newquay)
21 April-2021John TaylorRobin TaylorOwn Subject
25 April-2021Andrew WhiteAndrew Parkin (Lapworth)
29 April-2021Joint class at Lichfield (Thursday, 7.45 pm)
02 May-2021Dan Woodcocktba
05 May-2021James BlackburnDan WoodcockOwn Subject
09 May-2021John TaylorDaz Sheppard (Shrewsbury)
12 May-2021Roger TurnerWayne Marshall (Cannock)The Blessing of the ‘Lament’ Psalms
16 May-2021Adrian VyseWill Taylor (Cannock)
19 May-2021John TaylorAndrew Bramhill ([recording])Israel an attractive Spoil
23 May-2021Philip WhiteLes Shears (Lapworth)
26 May-2021Adrian VyseRoger TurnerOwn Subject
30 May-2021Phil PearsonMatt Brady (Cambridge)
02 June-2021Dan WoodcockPhil PearsonOwn Subject
06 June-2021Roger TurnerMark Woodcock (Malvern)
09 June-2021Joint class at Cannock (7.45 pm)
13 June-2021Andrew WhitePaul Newton (Nantwich)
16 June-2021Andrew WhiteJon White (Lichfield)Own Subject
20 June-2021Dan WoodcockMark Johnson (Lye)
23 June-2021Robin TaylorJohn TaylorOwn Subject
27 June-2021John TaylorPaul Davies (Cannock)
30 June-2021Philip WhiteDon Pearce ([recording])Milestones to the KIngdom
04 July-2021Adrian VyseRoger Turner (Stafford)
07 July-2021tbaDaily Readings
11 July-2021Phil PearsonBen Kitchen (Cannock)
14 July-2021Phil AllenAndrew Godber (Cannock)Own Subject
18 July-2021Philip WhitePhil Pearson (Stafford)
21 July-2021Roger TurnerDaily Readings
25 July-2021Roger TurnerFrank Hall (Hall Green)
28 July-2021Dan WoodcockAdrian VyseOwn Subject
01 August-2021Andrew WhiteDan Woodcock (Stafford)
04 August-2021Phil PearsonPraise in Hymns and Readings
08 August-2021Dan WoodcockAndrew White (Stafford)
11 August-2021Andrew WhiteDavid Simpson (Stratford)Joint class with Cannock and Lichfield
15 August-2021John TaylorJohn Botten (Knowle & Dorridge)
18 August-2021Philip WhiteRoy Blake (Sutton)Own Subject
22 August-2021Adrian VyseDan Willey (Malvern)
25 August-2021Andy HaleRod Hale (Newcastle)Own Subject
29 August-2021Philip WhiteAde Vyse (Stafford)