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The Christadelphian ecclesia in Stafford, England

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15 October 2023Must a Christian go to church?David Gouldingay (Birmingham (West))
10 September 2023Do I have to read the whole of the Bible?John Botten (Stratford-upon-Avon)
13 August 2023The man who buried JesusRob Westley (Halesowen)
23 July 2023Bible teaching on the Holy SpiritAndrew Johnson (Kings Norton)
2 July 2023Israel in God's PurposeJames Pearson (Walsall)
26 March 2023Reviving Original ChristianityDavid Palmer (Solihull)
19 February 2023Becoming a citizen in God's kingdomGraham Parker (Halesowen)
18 December 2022Did Jesus Exist before He was Born?Dan Willey (Malvern)
13 November 2022The Risen Jesus: Peace, Power and PurposeDave Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
9 October 2022The Importance of FaithLes Shears (Lapworth)
17 July 2022The Rights and Wrongs of Man - humanism contrasted with ScriptureSimon Collard (Cambridge)
3 July 2022Jesus in the PsalmsTerry Blackburn (Sale)
5 June 2022Why there will be no planetary extinctionAndrew Coleman (Birmingham (South))
15 May 2022Building Your Life around GodGeorge Ledger (Shrewsbury)
24 April 2022God cares about sufferingChris Brook (Hall Green)
3 April 2022Breaking News: The Bible Reveals Russian War PlansAndy White (Stafford)
27 March 2022Finding God in an atheist worldStephen Lockyer (Nuneaton)
20 February 2022Your Destiny in a World of UncertaintyAndy White (Stafford)
30 January 2022The Return of Jesus is NearTom Griffiths (Rochdale)
19 December 2021New Lives for Old PeopleGraham Parker (Dudley (Queens Cross))
14 November 2021The Bible and SufferingMark Sheppard (Wolverhampton)
3 October 2021A New World Order to ComeJames Manton (Evesham)
25 July 2021Choosing the Right Path to LifeFrank Hall (Hall Green)
7 March 2021Pandemic, Vaccination, What next? - God has a planRoger Turner (Stafford)
15 March 2020God's promises to AbrahamDavid Palmer (Solihull)
8 March 2020The Bible as a code for livingDavid Smith (Stourport)
1 March 2020What does the Lord's prayer mean to you?Dave Parton (Handsworth)
23 February 2020How walking with Jesus can lead to eternal lifeRobin Taylor (Stafford)
16 February 2020What is the world coming to?Tim Morgan (Ashton-under-Lyme)
9 February 2020The Lord's Prayer - what it means to meDan Woodcock (Stafford)
19 January 2020Will there ever be peace in the world?Roger Turner (Stafford)
12 January 2020Seek and you will findDave Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
5 January 2020Start the year with the BibleDavid Simpson (Stratford)
29 December 2019Fire and Brimstone - the Real Sodom and GomorrahMatt Brady (Cambridge)
8 December 2019Bible FaithPhil Pearson (Stafford)
1 December 2019Handel's Messiah and its message for YouAdrian Vyse (Stafford)
24 November 2019God's Precious PromisesRoger Wood (Castle Bromwich)
10 November 2019How does God want me to live?Reuben Bilton (Cannock)
3 November 2019Does it matter what we believe?Roger Turner (Halesowen)
20 October 2019Starting over: a new life for youDan Woodcock (Stafford)
13 October 2019Israeli settlements in the West Bank - a Biblical perspectiveDaniel Blackburn (Woodgate)
29 September 2019The Bible and voting in political electionsWill Taylor (Cannock)
22 September 2019Are you ready to meet your maker?Frank Hall (Hall Green)
15 September 2019The coming KingPaul Davies (Cannock)
8 September 2019What makes a person a Christian?Peter Rushforth (Cannock)
25 August 2019The Dead Sea Scrolls - Evidence of Bible AuthenticityBen Collard (Longbridge)
18 August 2019Prioritise your lifeTom Brazier (Mountsorrel)
11 August 2019God is not a trinityPhil Pearson (Stafford)
4 August 2019Bible teaching about the devilRoger Turner (Stafford)
28 July 2019Israel - prophecy of a landChris Brook (Knowle & Dorridge)
21 July 2019How strong is your faith in a Godless world?Neville Riley (Kenilworth)
14 July 2019The Bible - Food for thoughtJon White (Lichfield)
7 July 2019The God of the Bible - Yesterday, Today and ForeverMatt Taunton (Walsall)
30 June 2019What is stopping you from being baptised?John Woodall (Kings Norton)
23 June 2019Son of God or "God the Son"?Iain de Grey (Sutton Coldfield)
16 June 2019Why did God create man?Jon Day (Coventry (West))
9 June 2019Bible Answers to Headline IssuesNathan Scott (Wythall)
2 June 2019In the beginning GodLes Shears (Wythall)
26 May 2019Hell is not a Place of TormentJohn Worth (Cannock)
19 May 2019Armageddon - when and where?Mark Allfree (Nottingham (Forest Road))
12 May 2019Morality proves there is a GodJulian Pavett (Longbridge)
28 April 2019Israel - 170 years of fulfilled Bible prophecyJohn Botten (Knowle & Dorridge)
21 April 2019The Authority of JesusStephen Adams (Chester)
14 April 2019The Bible, an Amino Acid and ProbabilityDaniel Blackburn (Woodgate)
7 April 2019Science and FaithJosh Pearson (Handsworth)
17 March 2019Cromwell, the Jews and the Second Coming - When?Philip White (Stafford)
10 March 2019God's Invitation to YouJesse Wood (Wythall)
24 February 2019Stewards of the GospelTom Genders (Wythall)
10 February 2019The witness of Moses to JesusReg Carr (Barton-under-Needwood)
3 February 2019Are you still uncertain about the Bible?Stephen Hale (Earlswood)
27 January 2019God’s promises that will benefit you foreverDaz Sheppard (Shrewsbury)
13 January 2019Bible in the NewsPhilip White (Stafford)
6 January 2019The Bible alone can make us wise unto salvationTerry Blackburn (Sale)
30 December 2018How to upgrade your life and live foreverJason Turner (Barton-under-Needwood)
16 December 2018The Bible message - Impossible dream?Rob Newman (Sutton Coldfield)
2 December 2018Religion and HealthReuben Bilton (Amersham)
25 November 2018Israel - a Bible explanationAndy Hale (Newcastle (Staffs))
18 November 2018Jesus rose from the dead - will you?Tom Griffiths (Sale)
11 November 2018Where do you think you're going?Dave Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
4 November 2018Discipleship in Christ - What it meansDerek Wroughton (Shirley)
28 October 2018Your invitation to live foreverPaul Dredge (Crewe)
21 October 2018Chance, Evolution or Creation?Jordan Walton (Walsall)
14 October 2018Tomorrow's Israel: Land of Hope and GloryJon White (Lichfield)
7 October 2018Adult baptism is essential for salvationJoe Mullen (Shirley)
30 September 2018Your part in God's purposeNicholas White (Pershore)
23 September 2018Europe & the EU in Bible ProphecyMark Johnson (Lye)
16 September 2018Did everything happen by chance?Iain de Grey (Sutton Coldfield)
9 September 2018Your Future. Your ChoiceFrank Hall (Hall Green)
2 September 2018The Gospel of the Kingdom of GodTom Brazier (Mountsorrel)
19 August 2018Believe the Old Testament - Jesus didPhil Pearson (Stafford)
12 August 2018Jesus Christ - His life, death and resurrectionAndy Taylor (Windermere)
5 August 2018Getting to know GodAndrew White (Stafford)
29 July 2018You can't be a part-time ChristianJon Day (Coventry (West))
22 July 2018Prophecy proves the Bible is the only true word of GodTim Palmer (Bracknell)
8 July 2018The Jews and the NewsLes Shears (Wythall)
1 July 2018The Bible in the British MuseumJohn Cave (Hall Green)
24 June 2018The Gospel - still the best newsMark Sheppard (Wolverhampton)
10 June 2018Jesus is the Son of GodPeter Murphy (Birmingham (South))
3 June 2018The Bible in 2 sentencesJosh Pearson (Handsworth)
27 May 2018The evidence of the resurrection of ChristFrank Page (Wolverhampton)
20 May 2018What does God expect of us?Richard White (Lye)
13 May 2018Creation or Evolution - your choice mattersMark Watts (Kinver)
6 May 2018The Kingdom of God - on EarthRoger Wood (Castle Bromwich)
29 April 2018Reasons to Trust the BibleRichard Newman (Sutton Coldfield)
22 April 2018Creation or Evolution? Why does it matter?Dan Turner (Coventry (West))
8 April 2018What is Truth?Phil Pearson (Stafford)
1 April 2018Inquest at Golgotha ()
25 March 2018Why does God allow suffering?Mark Whittaker (Crewe)
11 March 2018What the Bible says about demons and evil spiritsChris Parkin (Burton-on-Trent)
18 February 2018Adult Baptism; Essential for SalvationWayne Marshall (Cannock)
11 February 2018I'm a good person; Why do I need God?Jamie Robson (Nottingham (South))
4 February 2018Britain in Bible ProphecyStephen Martin (Woodgate)
28 January 2018The Bible and StormsAlistair Firth (Cannock)
14 January 2018The Resurrection of JesusJulian Pavett (Longbridge)
3 December 2017What do you know about God?Peter Brown (Cannock)
26 November 2017Wisdom of this worldGeorge Kitchen (Handsworth)
12 November 2017The Bible, Britain and BrexitBen Coleman (Birmingham (South))
5 November 2017Think ... Where is your life going?Tim Newman (Pershore)
29 October 2017Why did Jesus have to die?Paul Harrison (Dudley (Queens Cross))
22 October 2017Let Go and Let God!Dave Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
8 October 2017The Resurrection and the LifePhilip Jones (Wolverhampton)
24 September 2017So Many Wars, Disasters and Earthquakes - Why?David Smith (Stourport)
17 September 2017Man's Problems; God's SolutionsJon Hale (Crewe)
10 September 2017The most extraordinary prophecy in the BibleMichael Brown (Knowle & Dorridge)
3 September 2017Signs of the Coming of JesusAndrew Hale (Newcastle)
27 August 2017The Bible Perspective on Marriage TodayBen Collard (Birmingham (Longbridge))
20 August 2017"I don't need a Saviour"John Saxton-Ward (Wolverhampton)
6 August 2017The Bible Asserts Christ is the Son of GodWayne Marshall (Cannock)
30 July 2017Fake News versus God's NewsGarry Kirlew (Shrewsbury)
23 July 2017Terrorism will end when Christ returnsJared Shilvock (Lye)
16 July 2017Is Christianity Compatible with Western Values?Jon Day (Coventry (West))
9 July 2017Do you really believe in God?John Morris (Cannock)
18 June 2017How the Bible Came to UsRoger Turner (Halesowen)
28 May 2017The Blessings of an Immigrant Malcolm Shilvock (Halesowen)
14 May 2017Your Relationship with GodPaul Dredge (Crewe)
23 April 2017The Bible and HistoryDavid Simpson (Worcester)
16 April 2017Lessons from the StarsJames Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
9 April 2017Astronomy and the BibleTom Evans (Hall Green)
2 April 2017Bible Teaching about the Holy SpiritTerry Blackburn (Sale)
19 March 2017Human Rights and Human WrongsRichard Bezant (Ashby)
12 March 2017Why does a God of love allow so much suffering?Andy Parkin (Wythall)
5 March 2017Oliver Cromwell and the JewsPhilip White (Stafford)
26 February 2017Why you can Trust the BibleAndrew Bownes (Burton-on-Trent)
12 February 2017Archaeology Proves the Higher Critics WrongReg Carr (Barton-under-Needwood)
5 February 2017If ...Daz Sheppard (Shrewsbury)
29 January 2017The Bible - a book Jesus BelievedTim Palmer (Bracknell)
22 January 2017The Hope of IsraelIain de Grey (Sutton Coldfield)
18 December 2016An angel, a baby and the purpose of GodNicholas White (Pershore)
11 December 2016Why I believe the BibleAlistair Firth (Cannock)
20 November 2016Which is the Greatest Commandment?Derek Wroughton (Shirley)
13 November 2016God's answer to prayerMatt Taunton (Kings Norton)
6 November 2016Bible words explained: AngelsJulian Pavett (Longbridge)
23 October 2016Peace on EarthGeorge Ledger (Shrewsbury)
16 October 2016What became of the Second Coming?John Botten (Knowle & Dorridge)
9 October 2016Is Christianity Still Meaningful Today?Paul Newton (Nantwich)
2 October 2016Does Death End All?Robin Britton (Leamington)
25 September 2016Noah and the Worldwide FloodStephen Martin (Hall Green)
18 September 2016Who is God?James Hughes (Handsworth)
11 September 2016The Bible and the FutureFrank Hall (Hall Green)
4 September 2016What does the Bible claim to be?Paul Harrison (Dudley (Queens Cross))
28 August 2016Israel - A Bible ExplanationAndy Hale (Newcastle-under-Lyme)
7 August 2016India in Bible ProphecyAdrian Vyse (Stafford)
31 July 2016JoyGary Kirlew (Shrewsbury)
24 July 2016Hope for the Future - God's WayRoger Turner (Stafford)
17 July 2016Introducing the God of the BibleJosh Pearson (Lichfield)
10 July 2016The Grace of GodGeorge Kitchen (Handsworth)
3 July 2016The Way of SalvationJames Manton (Evesham)
26 June 2016Jesus and the Snake on a PoleJohn Woodall (Mumbles)
19 June 2016Jesus Christ: Member of the Human RaceDave Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
12 June 2016Which God Do You Serve?John Saxton-Ward (Wolverhampton)
5 June 2016The Bible and Natural DisastersTim Newman (Pershore)
22 May 2016Why is Russia in the Middle East?Richard White (Lye)
15 May 2016Amazing Things Foretold in the BibleDavid Palmer (Solihull)
8 May 2016In or Out? That is the QuestionJonathan Purkis (Derby)
24 April 2016Is Faith EnoughRichard Newman (Sutton Coldfield)
17 April 2016Nature Supports the Accuracy of the BibleDan Pavett (Birmingham (Longbridge))
20 March 2016Today's News Predicted by the Bible - What's Next?Mark Watts (Kinver)
21 February 2016The Just Shall Live by FaithJon Cave (Crewe)
14 February 2016Global Warming - Earth will surviveEddie Pinfield (Redditch)
7 February 2016What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?John Cave (Hall Green)
31 January 2016What the Bible says about BaptismIain de Grey (Sutton Coldfield)
24 January 2016The Power of GodMark Webb (Birmingham (South))
10 January 2016The Stone the Builders RejectedTom Evans (Hall Green)
20 December 2015Bible Truth about Jesus' Birth - and why it mattersNicholas White (Pershore)
13 December 2015Putin's Plan as Revealed in Ezekiel 38 ()
6 December 2015The Good News of the KingdomPhil Pearson (Stafford)
22 November 2015Finding GodStephen Adams (Liverpool City)
15 November 2015Baptism is Essential for SalvationJoe Mullen (Shirley)
8 November 2015Investigating SatanKevin Sweeney (Coventry)
18 October 2015The Resurrection - Facts and IssuesMalcolm Shilvock (Halesowen)
6 September 2015Is There a Hell?Jamie Robson (Birmingham (South))
9 August 2015One Solitary LifeTom Griffiths (Sale)
2 August 2015The Trinity - an Easy MistakeJulian Pavett (Longbridge)
19 July 2015Then, Now, Tomorrow and YouPeter Stevens (Wombourne)
12 July 2015Christianity TodayJon Day (Coventry (West))
28 June 2015The Evidence - You Decide | The Bible and ScienceDave Wilkins (Barton-under-Needwood)
14 June 2015Why should we forgive?John Woodall (Acocks Green)
7 June 2015Life after DeathWayne Marshall (Cannock)
31 May 2015Focus - God's message about our timeJosh Pearson (Lichfield)
24 May 2015What is the Breaking of Bread?Chris Parkin (Burton)
26 April 2015Why do bad things happen to good people?Matt Taunton (Kings Norton)
19 April 2015Holy Spirit GiftsPaul Harrison (Dudley (Queens Cross))
12 April 2015Is God doing nothing? Why doesn't He answer me?Tim Ponting (Kings Norton)
29 March 2015James - Faith in ActionMatt Brady (Cambridge)
15 March 2015Christadelphians: Our Heritage and OriginTrevor Hanson (B'ham South)
8 March 2015The Marvel of Christ in the Old TestamentAndrew Pearce (Shirley)
1 March 2015Whose Government Can You Trust?Mark Whittaker (Crewe)
22 February 2015The Bible is the Word of GodPeter Murphy (B'ham South)
8 February 2015The Gospel Jesus PreachedMark Sheppard (Wolverhampton)
1 February 2015Why we Need a MediatorDavid Smith (Chester)
18 January 2015The World's Greatest Role ModelJohn Saxton-Ward (Rowley)
7 December 2014What the Bible Says about AngelsTim Newman (Pershore)
21 September 2014The message of the 1st century apostlesPaul Newman (Pershore)
14 September 2014Who will be our next king?Andrew White ()
31 August 2014Real peace - is it really possible?Adrian Vyse (West Bromwich)
3 August 2014No one's perfectSteve Brazier (Leicester (Westleigh))
13 July 2014The Bible reason for the State of IsraelMark Webb (B'ham South)
15 June 2014Israel - Land of DestinyJonathan Ensell (Walsall)
8 June 2014God's truth about the afterlifeAndrew White (Stafford)
1 June 2014The day the world nearly endedWilfred Alleyne (Handsworth)
6 April 2014The resurrection of Jesus Christ - fact or fiction?Reg Carr (Barton)
16 February 2014Earthquakes: Natural events or Biblical Signs?Andrew Bownes (Burton-on-Trent)