Stafford Christadelphians

The Christadelphian ecclesia (church) in Stafford, England

Easter 2016 Presentations

During Easter week in 2016 we held a preaching campaign in the Rugeley area. Each evening we put on a special presentation linked to our overall them of 'Peace'

Here is video of those presentations.

Easter Sunday 27 March - The Easter Message

Alistair Firth explains the real meaning of Easter and why it is important to all of us.

Easter Monday 28 March - Inquest at Golgotha

A dramatisation of an inquiry into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday 29 March - Peace of Mind

Nathan Smith talks about how the Bible helps in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression and helps bring peace of mind.

Wednesday 30 March - Peace in a Chaotic World

Philip White talks about how the Bible offers hope to counteract the chaos in the world and in our lives. He shows evidence that, by God's influence, Bible writers anticipated the current chaos and set out God's answer to it.

Thursday 31 March - Everlasting Peace

Peter Anderton talks about wars and conflicts in the world and God's role in it all. He shows how the Bible promises everlasting peace in future - a permanent solution to all the world's problems.